Superman Returns. Again. But hopefully better.


Superman Returns. Again. But hopefully better.
Featured image CC: hajagosb

When everybody’s favourite Kryptonian, Kal-El (or as he’s known to everyone who isn’t a comic book nerd: Superman), returned to our screens in 2006, there was a wave of excitement and expectation. That wave, unfortunately, turned out to be a tsunami of dog turd, razorblades and lemon juice.

The film, which had been eagerly anticipated for years by many of the aforementioned comic book nerds, including myself, ended up being more disappointing than finding out that Santa Claus isn’t real: that he’s just some homeless guy in a suit, and that he’s banging your mum. I know right, pretty disappointing.

Brandon Routh tried. He really did. But the plot was ridiculous and overblown (for those who’ve seen it – I’m sorry – the scene where he carries the kryptonite island into space? I mean, seriously), the CGI and action scenes were gratuitous, and too much time was spent on these areas, rather than on character development. The film’s antagonist, Lex Luthor, was played as a mad man who just wanted to watch the world burn for his own personal gain; any Superman fans will appreciate how completely misguided this was*. Long story short, it was an awful film. Everyone on earth agreed so unanimously, that world peace was achieved, and humanity has actually lived peacefully ever since. Except Brandon Routh.

But now this is happening.

Man of Steel was announced quite a few years ago, but it’s been in and out of development more times than Cher’s face. The first official trailer was released last year, and the trailer above was released a little later. And now, once again, that wave of excitement and expectation is building.

Like most Superman fans, when the film was announced I regarded it with a hefty amount caution and doubt. Was this to be another heartbreak? Then the first trailer was released – and I couldn’t help it – I got excited. Aside from one scene that annoyed/outraged me (Jonathan Kent telling Clark that maybe he should have let a bus-load of kids drown? Pah! Never!), the film looked pretty good.

Clark Kent and co.
I’m just a BIT of a Superman fan.

Now as the year of release is finally upon us, I must confess, I’ve got my armbands on and I’m paddling headlong into that wave. Sure, I’ve been hurt before. I pulled on my swimming trunks and I nearly drowned in that damn tsunami, but I’m ready to swim again. And so far, the water’s looking pretty clean.

Only time will tell whether Man of Steel turns out to be another Superman Returns or a film comparable to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but for now I’m optimistic. (Despite the presence of Russel Crowe and Kevin Costner in this film. I’m willing to give them a chance.)

Man of Steel is released in the UK on the 14th of June 2013

*ALSO, Louis Lane had a Superman’s son, but raised him with another man. What’s that about? But it’s fine. I’m over it. Honestly.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. xxadverbxx says:

    I actually enjoyed Superman Returns. Guess I’m the reason world peace didn’t happen 😦

    Personally various other things had kept me from not being too stoked over the film. Until trailer 2 hit. We really won’t know how it’ll end up though until it actually arrives. By the way, the 3D looks like it’ll be fairly good (caught the 3D trailer when I saw the Hobbit).

    1. Alex Delaney says:

      Ahh really?? Shame on you 😉 Haha, I joke. Yeah I completely agree, it could go two ways really; good or bad, but I’m hoping it’ll be awesome!
      Yeah if they do it well this’ll be a great film for 3D.
      Thanks for reading, and for the comment 🙂

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