Tammy King is a 21-year-old acoustic singer/songwriter from the Midlands, who has been writing songs since she was 14. (You can read more about her here). Despite only recently graduating from university, Tammy has already shared the stage with the likes of Scouting for Girls, The Saturdays, Alexandra Burke, and will soon be performing two gigs on the Forum Live stage, at the LG Arena in Birmingham. One for The X Factor Tour, and the other supporting P!nk.

Pretty impressive stuff, but let’s talk about her music.

Tammy lists Eva Cassidy among her influences, and Cassidy’s style is certainly reflected in Tammy’s writing. Tammy’s original material sounds similar to Cassidy’s vocally, but with a more modern/grunge feel – think Songbird but performed by a young Alecia Moore (P!nk), and you’re pretty much there.

Considering her age, Tammy is a talented vocalist; her range extending from sultry, seductive lows, to delicate and pleasant highs effortlessly, and she utilises her voice to it’s full extent in her song-writing.

Clearly her main focus has been on her voice (Tammy herself describes her voice as her main instrument), but nevertheless, she avoids the cliché of female singer-songwriters who neglect the guitar in favour of their voice, and use the same four chords in every song. Tammy’s songs each have a distinct sound, instrumentally, which puts her ahead of a lot of other female acoustic singer/songwriters, in a genre that is becoming ever-more crowded.

Tammy’s YouTube channel contains a wealth of live performances and covers, showcasing her ability to perform different styles, as well as highlighting some of her influences, and it’s worth checking out if you have the time to spare.

My ONE criticism would be that there is a slight air of Ed Sheeran in her voice, which, while obviously is no insult, is something which thousands of acoustic singer/songwriters are now imitating – Even the X Factor is trying to jump on the bandwagon, by pushing Sheeran-wanna-be, James Arthur.

Tammy is a fine young artist, and will certainly get better with experience and maturity; as long as she makes sure to avoid the traps of getting lazy in her song-writing, or trying to make her music more mainstream. Currently, Tammy is a charming singer/songwriter, with a slightly alternative musical style – and that is definitely a good thing that the young lady needs to hang on to, and maybe work on a little.

I’d like to see Tammy release an E.P. soon, but for now you can check her out for yourself on one of her various sites:


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  1. carole wright says:

    tammy is a great singer/songwriter i think she will go far. keep up the great work tammy. xxx

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